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Hi! I’m Diana, an experienced business management professional skilled in the development, operations, and financial modeling of multiple hospitality groups. I specialize in leading hospitality projects from start-up to established entities & restructuring struggling groups to financial success.

I have lead clients to savings of upwards of $100,000 during build out, taught profitability maintenance, trained management teams to control food/beverage and labor costs, and have successfully executed million dollar events…

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When I finally embraced my tell-it-how-it-is personality, I discovered just how useful that can be in the hospitality world. This world is cruel, this world is unforgiving, but a world that is so rewording if navigated properly. That is what I am here to help you do, navigate the hospitality industry.

I began working in this field at a very young age and managed my first bar while studying Business Management in Baltimore. Yes, I was 18 years of age, taking 15-18 credits a semester, managing staff that were my senior, and dealing with an absentee owner. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Well, it was for me and this experience gave me my professional trajectory. I knew what I needed to do when I graduated; get a job in New York City and gain the most real-world knowledge as quickly as possible.

My time spent in Manhattan gave me everything I was looking for; developing menus with professional chefs, planning million dollar events for thousands of people, optimizing the design & layout of hospitality spaces, and the money I needed to go see the world.

I spent 101 days traveling West & East Europe with myself, a backpack, a map & EuroRail pass. I dove into the different European cultures, researched and visited world renown restaurants, ate traditional cuisines, drank straight from the vineyards & breweries, met amazing people, and came back to the states a different person – a better person – but still the HBIC.

In 2010 Asbury Park was still at the beginning of its rebirth.  I am proud to say I was part of the cities resurgence by helping to invoke it’s restaurant culture. I have developed two separate restaurant groups in the city and opened 5 different establishments just with them. My career has taken me from opening restaurants & event spaces in Ridgewood to Atlantic City and everything in between. In my years of consulting I have spearheaded city redevelopment, created business associations, established fundraisers, and have either opened or restructured 13 hospitality businesses. I have managed teams to become leaders, provided jobs for hundreds, and have turned profits in less than a years time. Now, I am happy to focus on the area I know best, the place I was born & raised – the Jersey Shore.

I am an expert problem solver, I know what it takes to create the perfect event and to make a restaurant profitable. I thrive under pressure and strive for perfection while consistently delivering outstanding results and exceeding the expectations of my clients.

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