To The People of Asbury Park

Can’t read above? CLICK HERE I have been hired to develop a hotel concept. I have been hired to create stable jobs for hundreds of people. By Mr. Fasano offering me my dream, he is offering Asbury Park so much more. I want to work with the community and all of its members, incorporating as

…To The People of Asbury Park

During the administration of Mayor Clarence E.F. Hetrick and Commissioners Thomas H. Pratt, George W. Pittenger, Walter Taylor and Henry B. White, Asbury Park has made great progress. During the time the policy of Asbury Park has been fair and liberal and men and women of all races and creeds could live and prosper each

The Powhatan Hotel – Asbury Park

The following was written out of passion. Passion to not watch a historical building be destroyed and the passion that drives me to make my dreams come true. If you are in the know of Asbury, you know how much this small city has changed and you know what it is about to be. I