Event Consulting

Relieve the stress that comes with planned events by choosing an experienced event consultant to handle all of the thorny details. It’s true: there is no such thing as a stress-free event. However, that doesn’t mean the pressure must necessarily be the burden of the host. Instead, that stress can be managed by a professional who is trained to handle the challenges of strict schedules, inflexible vendors and excited crowds of people.


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Wedding Consulting

The most enchanting weddings never happen by accident. They are the result of careful planning that must take into account thorny issues such as strained budgets and politicking over the guest list. These and hundreds of other factors play a huge role in the mood of the event and the personal happiness and present-mindedness of the bride and groom.


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Restaurant Consulting

Restaurants that are failing, or can’t seem to turn good traffic into profit, are not out of options! Unfortunately, it is true that many restaurants fail within the first year, and most fail in fewer than five years. There is no shortage of problems that can eat through profits or drive away customers, and the newest restaurateurs are at the most risk of making costly mistakes.


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