Concept Development

Great, you have an idea! Now how do you begin making it a reality?

Concept Development is creating the overall offering of the business. You need to understand whether or not your idea is financially viable, develop a brand, and create a detailed business plan before you move forward.  Already have your operation? Sometimes concepts need to be reinvented to get the return you are looking for.

I offer a number of services to help reimagine or create a new concept. Take advantage of my free one hour consultation in order to define these services and get a custom proposal based on your needs.

  • develop custom business plans
  • conduct site research
  • build financial models
  • optimize store layouts
  • research equipment
  • develop brand narrative
  • design custom logo
  • create website
  • establish print & digital advertisement
  • construct marketing plans
  • maintain social media accounts
  • design food & beverage menus
  • create custom recipe cost guides