Event Consulting

Alleviate the stress that comes with planned events by choosing an experienced event consultant to handle all of the thorny details. It’s true: there is no such thing as a stress-free event. However, that doesn’t mean the pressure must necessarily be the burden of the host. Instead, that stress can be managed by a professional who is trained to handle the challenges of strict schedules, inflexible vendors and excited crowds of people.

Diana Marie has more than 20 years of experience handling events of all types and sizes. She offers event management consulting, day-of coordination and many related services that are designed to make any occasion as pleasant and stress-free to the host as possible.

What Is an Event Planner Bringing to Make an Event a Success?

What sets experienced event consultants apart from less-experienced planners is their ability to understand the many ways that an event can go wrong. No-show vendors, problematic guests and even random chance can all conspire to bring chaos to what was supposed to be a pleasant time. That’s why experienced consultants focus on strong preparation, and insist on having enough authority to rapidly resolve problems that may occur.

Every consultation with Diana Marie begins with a simple questionnaire designed to set the goals for the event and keep everything on track. Clients can use the initial low-pressure consultation to discuss their most important priorities. Those priorities will be used to develop the right atmosphere for their event–whether it’s a celebration or a more somber affair.

No matter the event, the client’s budget is always a top priority. All of the goals identified in the questionnaire will be carefully balanced against the funds available. The finest possible experience will be delivered without exceeding the budget.

Why Hire an Event Consultant?

Event consultants aren’t just professional planners–they are professional problem solvers who do their best to make sure that any crises that develop before or during an event are managed without interruption to the host or their guests. It’s difficult to even realize when something has gone wrong when an experienced event planner is on the scene. They will work to make sure it is resolved before either hosts or guests can become aware of it.

Problems with an event often can’t be avoided, but they can be managed in such a way that the atmosphere is never affected. High-stress situations aren’t a challenge for an experienced event planner. in fact, it’s the environment in which they thrive. Call today to learn more about how Diana Marie can make any event a success.