Operations Management

Unfortunately, it is true that many restaurants fail within the first year, and most fail in fewer than five years. There is no shortage of problems that can eat through profits or drive away customers, and the newest restaurateurs are at the most risk of making costly mistakes. You may have the best brand, decor, and menu – but that doesn’t always make you successful. Your success requires two things:

  1. your space to run smoothly when you are not there
  2. a tight control process to create the highest profits

With the right systems and procedures even the most struggling restaurants can restore profitability and build a foundation for a thriving future. Just starting your hospitality business? Make sure you start it right, get your free one hour consultation now. 

  • build financial models
  • manage budget
  • maintain profit & loss statements
  • customize & create all operating systems & procedures; FOH & BOH
  • formulate user friendly point of sales systems
  • develop local partnerships
  • sustain customer loyalty
  • price menus for peak profitability
  • develop senior level employees
  • plan staff procedures & protocols
  • manage crisis & conflict resolutions
  • create training program for all levels of employees