Restaurant Consulting

Restaurants that are failing, or can’t seem to turn good traffic into profit, are not out of options! Unfortunately, it is true that many restaurants fail within the first year, and most fail in fewer than five years. There is no shortage of problems that can eat through profits or drive away customers, and the newest restaurateurs are at the most risk of making costly mistakes.

However, none of this means that there is no hope that things can’t be turned around. With the right plan by an experienced restaurant consultant, even the most struggling restaurants can restore profitability and build a foundation for a thriving future.

Diana Marie has been working in and around restaurants since she was 12 years old. She loves the industry, and loves the chance to create custom solutions for restaurants at all stages of their development. She is available to develop a strong plan for any restaurant, whether that’s just a few tweaks, or a complete overhaul.

What Does A Restaurant Consultant Do?

Restaurant consultants do a deep dive into the practices of an eatery to find the missed opportunities for better management. When these missed opportunities are found, they are identified and addressed with a series of powerful recommendations. These recommendations are always customized for each restaurant, and may include recommendations about…

  • Menu Pricing/Costing
  • Management/Organization
  • Staffing, Training and Hiring
  • Technology/Point of Sale Systems
  • Service Flow
  • Health Code Protocols

Pricing/costing is a great example of something that many new restaurateurs overlook. It’s so easy to create recipes, cocktails and specials that seem well-priced, but lose money every time they’re prepared and sold!

Consulting isn’t just about improving cash flow. Consultants work toward many different goals. They can help improve morale, step up interior design or better protect restaurants from legal liability. Consultants are also indispensable to entrepreneurs who are trying to figure out how to open a restaurant.

Choose Restaurant Experience You Can Trust

Experience matters a great deal when it comes to choosing restaurant consultants. There are no official qualifications for the title of restaurant consultants, so unfortunately, anyone can claim that they are one! However, not all of them can claim to have decades of experience. Not all of them can show that they’ve developed training manuals, service protocols or the ideas that have turned restaurants around.

From basic process troubleshooting to complete process overhauls, Diane Marie can make the adjustments necessary to put any business back in the black. Contact Diana now!