Wedding Consulting

The most enchanting weddings never happen by accident. They are the result of careful planning that must take into account thorny issues such as strained budgets and politicking over the guest list. These and hundreds of other factors play a huge role in the mood of the event and the personal happiness and present-mindedness of the bride and groom.

No one should ever have to be distracted on their big day. That’s why the most important details are best handled by an experienced wedding consultant who knows how to create the right balance. Diana Marie has been working to create that balance for events of all types for more than 20 years. She loves weddings, and thrives in situations that others often find stressful. Call today to ask about a consultation, or to learn more about how Diana Marie can help.

Wedding Consultant Services

The services provided by a wedding consultant will often depend entirely on the wedding and the couple. Not all couples find the same parts stressful, or are interested in delegating the same details. The role the consultant plays in a wedding is mostly determined during the first meeting with the couple.

Meeting the Couple

Meeting the couple is one of the most crucial parts of the marriage consulting process. Every different couple has a different vibe to their relationship, and different things that they want from a successful wedding. The bride and groom may not have the same priorities (and may not be aware of it). These must be balanced against one another in a way that will please both parties, and then balanced again against budget concerns.

Determining the Budget

The budgeting part of the consulting process clarifies the couple’s investment so that they can begin placing their dreams for their wedding in a real context. Diana Marie strongly believes that couples should not be pressured into spending more than they intend to. She encourages all clients to begin with a limit on what they’ll spend, so that wedding decisions can be made with that limit in mind.

Down to the Business of Planning

The venue is the most immediate concern, as it will nearly always be the biggest expense. It also plays the largest role in whether the guest list is feasible. Questions over the caterers, decorators, entertainers and other services follow the choosing of the venue. These services are all balanced so that couples can identify and focus the budget on what is most important to them.

Wedding Consultant vs. Wedding Planner

Searching for a “wedding consultant near me” will often turn up results for many different kinds of professionals with different titles. This is because the roles of wedding consultants, planners and coordinators can overlap in confusing ways. A wedding professional may choose to serve all of the following roles, or just one.

Wedding consultants help couples understand the big ideas of the wedding. Such as, what decisions must be made, and what obstacles may be in the way. Consultants often do a lot of research and rely on years of experience to help them provide the best advice.
Wedding planners handle the details of planning a wedding. For example, by personally calling and booking caterers and decorators once the budget has been established. Wedding planners may be recommended or referred by wedding consultants.
Wedding coordinators are the “managers” of weddings. They show up on the day-of and make sure that everything runs smoothly throughout the ceremony.

Diana Marie plays all of these roles, contact her today with any questions about an upcoming wedding.