Hiring Diana was the best decision my wife and I made when planning our wedding. Everything was meticulously handled, organized and executed by her. On our wedding day we did not have to worry or stress about anything. Every single minute detail was taken care of and we had the perfect day. Diana is very nice and accommodating and we felt comfortable and happy the entire time. I highly recommend Diana for any type of event planning, especially weddings!
- Patrick & Maria



    I find that so many of the testimonials I have read throughout my career are terribly cliché. But after working with Diana, she defines the clichés. Organized, dedicated, motivating, motivated and trustworthy are only a few of the positive qualities that Diana possesses in her arsenal to get the job done.  She shows true leadership skills and is loyal, to a fault. There was no such thing as a dead end.  There was no such thing as turning back. Any obstacle that was put before Diana she found a solution and a way to accomplish it with the greatest of ease. Starting a restaurant from the ground up is no easy task, yet she made it seem easy.  Diana never broke, or wavered, no matter how many people were coming at her from different directions. She has a task, she finishes it.  I watched her train staff, implement procedures, create new procedures and treat this project as if it was her own. She shines with adversity, a rare trait. To finish, I will truly sound cliché. Anyone who hires Diana Marie is truly hiring someone that is not just an consultant but also a necessary asset to their team.  I see nothing but success in her future.    
- Executive Chef Mike DeMilta



When my fiance and I started thinking about wedding venues, we knew we wanted something different than a traditional hall setting.  While having dinner inside the building we first met at, Andrew said- what about here?  I checked out their website, and saw that they did not currently offer what we were looking for, but I reached out just incase.   The space, called the Complex Asbury Park was newly opened and consisted of 2 restaurants and a basement.  It was certainly the different vibe we were looking for, and to our delight the owner told me he'd have someone get in touch with me soon.
Later that afternoon, my phone rang and I saw "Diana yoga" on the caller ID.   I remembered Diana as a strong, focused, fun woman who used to come to my classes.  I answered, and we laughed together at the fate of it all.   Within minutes, she gave me an idea for budget and the ball started rolling.   From that moment on I knew I was in GREAT hands, and truly didn't worry about how amazing my wedding would be.  She went above and beyond, nailing everything from the contract/budget to aesthetic to the surprise specialty cocktails  (Lavender Lauren Margaritas, YUM!)
Diana is a beautiful blend of Type A and grounded intuition.  She uses her perfectionist personality, while allowing her clients to freely express their vision and desires.   I felt so comfortable, knowing that she had our best interests at heart- without needing us to be involved in the hundreds (maybe thousands!) of details that would have otherwise easily overwhelmed us.
Even though I hadn't imagined using a wedding planner,  working with Diana was an integral part of creating our dream day- and I would recommend her a thousand times over.
- Lauren & Andrew Talcott, Bride & Groom



    Diana's work ethic, expertise, and passion for hospitality set her apart from anyone I have ever worked with. She is deliberate in her actions, thoughtful in her process and attentive to every detail. Her Organizational skills are superior, providing thoughtful foolproof systems that foster success. She provides excellent training for front of house employees and back of house systems. In addition Diana acts as an excellent liaison between all persons involved in a project. She is extremely personable which is an ideal trait needed for someone in this position. Diana is also extremely observant and gives accurate feedback allowing for optimum performance. I knew little about running a restaurant prior to the opening of this family business, I attribute my overall knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of this business to the teachings of Diana. Diana has also helped us to to re imagine the possibilities of our space and has contributed many new offerings such as private parties and catering. Our team is extremely happy with the results of the work Diana has done for us as a consultant.    
- Anna Fasano, co-owner of The Complex AP



    Working with Diana was an absolute joy. Communication was fluid, deadlines were respected and her astute attention to detail made the project incredibly stress free. She exceedingly went above and beyond in helping shape our business from creating a comprehensive business plan to opening the doors. Her knowledge, passion and execution were unmatched; our business is thriving due to the well-established foundation she put into place. We at APG Group LLC give Diana Marie our utmost recommendation and very much look forward to collaborating on future endeavors.    
- Zachary Delacruz, CEO APG Group LLC



    Diana came to Tapatia as a Consultant when I was still working as a server. Diana did a lot of improvements to the restaurant and to the staff. She gave a solid base and a better structure to the system that was running  the restaurant at that time. She taught to the staff how to be better at their positions and how to improve their customer service skills. Diana was such a good complement to the staff because she created a fresh environment and brought new ideas to Tapatia. I started to work closely with Diana when she told me I had the potential to be the manager. With past management experience I had the bases to do so, but in just a few weeks I learned and developed new skills and techniques that I had not before. I am grateful that Diana worked at Tapatia because she made it a better place to work and personally because she is a such a great organized human being!    
- Estefania Garcia – General Manager, Plaza Tapatia



    Diana is a tremendous assest to any business. She has the knowledge and presence with proven systems to grow businesses from many vantage points. Her professionalism stands out in all situations, whether it's training or dealing with adverse situations. Truly a pleasure to work with!!    
- Charles Interrante, General Manager/Owner The Complex AP



    Working closely with Diana is an absolute pleasure.  She is second to none, one of the best I have ever worked with. Professional, reliable and determined are just a few of her qualities. She is very well versed in every aspect of restaurant operations, from POS to customer service and everything in between. It was a pleasure to work with her, in my opinion there are few people better at their job then Diana. She is a true restaurant professional.      
- Executive Chef David Syminiuk



    In 2013 I joined a restaurant group that was being managed by Diana. As my hiring manager she struck me as a charismatic and driven leader. Due to her food and wine knowledge, coupled with her knack for orchestrating the front of the house, my own perspective of the hospitality industry shifted. She pushed and fostered me to move up from a server to a bartender and eventually mentored me in a management position. I owe much of my career and appreciation for the restaurant world to Diana Marie.    
- Justin Ardine