To The People of Asbury Park

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I have been hired to develop a hotel concept. I have been hired to create stable jobs for hundreds of people. By Mr. Fasano offering me my dream, he is offering Asbury Park so much more. I want to work with the community and all of its members, incorporating as many business owners and artists into the concept. I want to work with Asbury Park High School and Brookedale’s Culinary Institute to place the youth in jobs that provide a teaching atmosphere.  I want to have the opportunity to host fundraisers and be a hub for community gatherings where the guests know they will always be offered the lowest possible price point with the highest quality of service. I have been part of the bar and restaurant scene in Asbury since 2010, and this is the first time I have been given the chance to truly become a part of this amazing city.

It is true that the previous owner of 208 Third Avenue wrote letters asking not to be taxed for the 27 rooms the hotel houses and to only be taxed for 8 “retreat” rooms. But what is also true is that he had to change with the trying times Asbury Park faced in the 1980’s.  My entire family grew up here; my great-grandparents owned a store in Asbury, my parents drove “the circuit”, and they all watched it shut down after the 1970 riots.  Even twenty years ago you still would not be able to fill a hotel in this city the way a proprietor would want.

According to the NJ Historical Society, they have documents stating that 208 Third Avenue has been a hotel since 1911. Are we supposed to erase the seventy plus years of this building operating as a hotel? Erase the history and the value that it held within this city that began to grow in 1911? The original owner of The Powhatan, Mr. Franklin Zimmerman, wrote an open letter that was published in the Asbury Park Press on May 7th, 1927 (seen above). He states that in 1927 the city was finally recognized as an “all year resort city ranking as one of the best cities in the resort class”. He also asks for the support of a Mayor who is looking ahead and optimistic about the city’s future and to not allow those who have recently moved in to Asbury to benefit from the years of hard work the local men and women contributed to build the city to it’s recognized and valuable state.

Ninety-one years later, to the day, I am now asking for the same support. Patrick Fasano was one of the first developers to contribute to the growth of Asbury Park and I am the new generation who wants to see it reach its full potential. Please do not allow this zoning to destroy a building that was once a staple of the city.

Support this project by attending the Zoning Board meeting that is open to the public on Tuesday, May 8th at 7pm. Write an email to the City Manager simply asking them to support the restoration of one of the first hotels in Asbury and for it to be allowed to reopen as a fully operational 27 room hotel.

Thank you for your support.