You’re getting married… Now What?! Tips to Make the Most of Your Wedding Budget

Spend Wisely

Sign up for a credit card with a great rewards program. Consolidating all of your purchases on this one card will not only keep your spending organized but will also accumulate possible cash back, shopping deals or even airline miles that you can use towards your honeymoon! Every little bit helps, right?

Since credit card offers change constantly, a simple google search will deliver you options especially if you use keywords to look for specific rewards. I’ve made it easier for you, just click one of the links below to get you started!

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Analyze your guest list.

Wining and dining family and friends is most often the largest expense of the day. Cutting down your list is an easy way to save some cash. To put it in perspective, if you are paying $100 a person, removing one table of ten guests saves you $1000. So how do you do this? Prioritize your guests. There are multiple ways this can be done but here are a few tips I like to use.

  • Start by moving your “musts” to the top and work your way down. When it comes time to cut the list- just start at the bottom.
  • Create categories due to the ‘politics’ that end up happening during the invitee process. Label them with what is relevant to your situation such as “Because Our Parents Said So”, “Family, But We Really Don’t Know Who They Are” and “Not A Big Deal If They Are Not Invited”
  • Assess the ‘plus ones’, you may notice not all of them are necessary invites. A known rule to follow… No ring, no bring.


When is your date?

In New Jersey, the cold winter months are the least popular for weddings. If you’re not stuck on a particular month, then shoot for the off-season. Getting married in January, February or March is ideal because the venues want your business and are more likely to work with you and your budget. Sometimes, even last minute planning can save you money! Most venues are booked six months in advance, so if they have an open date two months away they will want to fill it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and negotiate pricing.

Expert Advice: Friday & Sunday weddings should cost around thirty percent less than Saturday weddings


Bottom Line

If you have demanding jobs, are a busy couple, or the wedding of your dreams is getting complex – hiring a planner is your best option. We help you prioritize, stay organized and work within your budget. Afraid to ask those uncomfortable questions to vendors & venues? I’M NOT. #hireabitch

HBIC Diana Marie